The five College of Science Ambassadors representing their respective departments at the College of Science Block Party

College of Science Ambassadors

While at LSU, I had the amazing opportunity to represent the Department of Mathematics as a College of Science Ambassador. Through this program, I was able to represent the College of Science, as well as the department of mathematics, through tours and other recruiting events.

Pictured here is me at an event hosted by the College of Science called “Science and Spirits.”
It is an event for College of Science alumni where students showcased their research and where we created “Dragon’s Breath” using liquid nitrogen and Rice Crispy Treats.

My favorite event to work was Kickoff LSU. For these events, prospective students come to LSU’s campus and are able to learn everything about LSU and their intended major. These days were long, but they were always filled with inquisitive students who were excited about coming to college and learning. This job not only taught me valuable skills as a communicator, it also significantly improved my personal confidence.